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Name: WorkCare
Website:           www.workcare.com
E-Mail: info@workcare.com
Specialties:  Consulting Medical Director, Medical Surveillance/OSHA,Compliance, Workplace and Community Exposure Studies, Occupational, Health Audits, On-Site Occupational Health Services, Incident Intervention ™, TravelCare©.

As the nation’s first physician-managed, multi-specialty occupational health firm, WorkCare’s team of doctors, nurses and health/safety professionals provides outsourcing services that support employers’ health, safety and productivity goals.  Visit their web site to learn more.

Contact:  Dr. Peter P. Greaney, MD
  333 S. Anita Drive, Suite 630
Orange, CA 92868
Physician Team Members: Dr. M. Donald Whorton, MD, MPH
Phone:  (714) 978-7488
Fax:   (714) 456-2154

Name: Sanford Medical
Includes urgent care for work-related injuries and illnesses, pre-placement physical examinations, DOT physical exams, drug & alcohol screening with certified MRO services, audiometric evaluations, respiratory compliance examinations and fit testing, permanent partial impairment ratings and disability evaluations, and on-site physician and nursing services.

Serving Lee and surrounding counties of North Carolina

Contact:  Melba McNeill, RN, BSN
  Occupational Health Nurse
  555 Carthage Street
Sanford, NC 27330

Physician Team Members: Pamela H. Jessup, MD
John R. Mangum, MD
L. David Nave, MD
Robert W. Harrington, MD
Jennifer B. Gregory, MD
Sherri P. Fish, Administrator

Phone:  (919) 774-6518
Fax:   (919) 774-3467

Name: International Toxicology Consultants
Website:           http://www.intoxicon.com
E-Mail: info@intoxicon.com

Environmental Medicine, Toxicology, Medical Review Officer, Consulting

Serving U.S. and France chemical and pharmaceutical industries, providing evaluation of outbreaks of workplace illness, emergency response to chemical incidents (consultation), emergency response, training programs and advanced hazmat life support courses.


Contact:  Stephen W. Borron, MD, MS,
  President and CEO

2000 L Street, NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036



Fax:   202-478-0444

Name: Rinly R. Gecosala, MD, PC
E-Mail: edrin617@aol.com

Environmental Medicine, Toxicology, Epidemiology, Medical Review Officer, Preventive Medicine/Wellness, Public Health, Consulting

Servicing western regions, providing occupational and preventive medicine to all industries.

Contact:  Rose Mary R. Gecosala

4099 E. 2nd Street, Suite 103
Tucson, AZ  85711


Fax:   520-325-2007

Name: Vista Consulting Services, Inc.
E-Mail: jheusner@vcsnw.com
Specialties:  Environmental Medicine, Toxicology, Consulting

Serves Pacific Northwest, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada power (all but nuclear) industries, providing (board certified) occupational medicine.


Contact:  Judith Heusner, MD
  607 S. Government Way
Spokane, WA  99224

Phone:  509-456-2190
Fax:   509-744-9665

Name: Sioux Valley Clinic Occupational Medicine
Website:  http://www.siouxvalley.org
E-Mail: jheusner@vcsnw.com

Environmental Medicine, Toxicology, Medical Review Officer, Preventive Medicine/Wellness, Consulting

Serving Eastern South Dakota, NW Iowa, SW Minnesota, providing independent medical evaluations, work injury and illness care, drug screening and random drug consortium to all industries.

Contact:  Kristine Pederson, BSN, COHN-S
  Clinic Manager
  3803 N 4th Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD  57104

Physician Team Members:

Ron Rossing, MD
Dave Hewitt, MD
Richard Farnham, MD
Jim Fink, PA-C

Phone:  605-339-6181
Fax:   605-339-4868

Name: McDaniel Lambert, Inc.
Website:  http://www.mclam.com
E-Mail: mfmcdanile@mclam.com
Specialties:  Environmental Medicine, Toxicology, Public Health, Consulting

Serving U.S., Canada and international chemical, manufacturing and agricultural industries in environmental medicine, toxicology, risk communication and community outreach.

Contact:  Mary McDaniel
  1608 Pacific Avenue, Suite 201
Venice, CA  90291

Phone:  310-392-6462
Fax:   310-392-6693

Name: G & G Risk Management Consultants, Inc.
Website:  http://www.ggriskmgtconsultants.com
E-Mail: GGRMC733@aol.com
Specialties:  Consulting

Serving U.S. - Nationwide

Contact:  William Garcia

23548 Hamlin Court
Murrieta, CA 92562-6006

Phone:  909-461-2402
Fax:   909-461-0327

Name: MED-TOX Health Services
Website:  http://www.med-tox.com/
E-Mail: gcarmean@med-tox.com

Specialties:  Physical Abilities and Working Conditions Job Analysis, Medical Screening Program Development, Medical Standards/Guidelines Development, Physical Ability Test Validation Services, Occupational Vision Requirement Studies, ADA-EEO Consulting relating to Physical/medical selection issues

Serving North American business and industry


Contact:  Gene Carmean
  Project Director
  3350 Shelby Street, Suite 200
Ontario, CA 91764

Phone:  909-944-3181
Fax:   909-944-2405


MARYLAND. Michael Hodge, J.D., Security Consultant. Over 20 years experience in the security field. Also, an Adjunct College Professor who teaches workplace violence prevention. Recognized author of various articles on workplace violence and premises security liability. My address is: Security Liability Consulting, L.L.C., PO BOX 87, Bowie, Maryland 20719-0087. Phone number (240) 381-5197, email: info@SecLiabConsult.com.




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