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Safety - Labor Relations/
Union Issues

AFL-CIO Home Page
An Introduction to Labor Law
(Ilr Bulletin, 66), by Michael Evan Gold. Revised version of classic explanation of the protection to which workers are entitled under the National Labor Relations Act.
Center to Protect Workers' Rights
111 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001. Research Arm of the AFL-CIO's Building and Construction Trades Council. Includes lots of worker health and safety information and hazard alerts.
Safety Guide for off Duty Service Members
Department of Labor
Employment Health and Safety
Good brief guide to frequently asked questions by employees from Nolo.com's legal encyclopedia. Examples: Legal rights if you feel your workplace is unsafe, asserting rights to a safe workplace, steps to take if injured at work, protection from tobacco smoke.
Gender Issues in Occupational Safety and Health
International Labor Organization. Deals with special hazards for women workers. An interesting article.
Information you need on how to resolve employee problems or how to resolve problems with your boss to sexual harassment information, employee motivation tips, labor news, hiring, firing, recruitment, resumes, and interviewing.
National Association of Government Labor Officials
A non-partisan association dedicated to improving the protection of workers' rights and to promoting safe and healthful workplaces. Most members of NAGLO have regulatory and enforcement authority over safety and health, wage & hour issues, and workers' compensation. Many also have authority for workforce development and unemployment insurance in their respective state.
National Whistleblower Center
A nonprofit, tax exempt educational and advocacy organization committed to environmental protection, nuclear safety, civil rights, government accountability and protecting the rights of employee whistleblowers.
NELHSF: A useful web site with informative articles, links for the EHS professionals
Created through a dynamic alliance of the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA) and the Association of General Contractors, NELHSF draws on the expertise of both labor and management participants in providing technical counsel and timely assistance at job sites throughout New England . . . developing instruction materials that promote worker safety . . . presenting educational programs that foster healthier lifestyles . . . and conducting cutting-edge research on Labor related mission critical issues.
OSHA Regulations, Proposed
Draft Proposed Safety and Health Program Rule, 29 CFR 1900.1. This rule would require employers to establish a workplace safety and health program to ensure compliance with OSHA standards and the General Duty Clause. More info (11-23-98).
OSHA Poster available for download
(OSHA) Publications and Fact Sheets
OSHA Workers Page
Safety at Work: It's Not a Game
An interesting union perspective on safety bingo and other games of chance.
The Teamster Network
The Fair Labor Standards Act
Description of this law from Nolo.com's legal encyclopedia.
The Union Steward's Complete Guide
By David Prosten.
United Auto Workers Health and Safety Newsletter
U. S. Department of Labor
Resource for labor statistics, programs and services, and laws and regulations.
U.S. Dept. of Labor-OSHA, 29 CFR Part 24
Procedures for Handling Discrimination Complaints Under Federal Protection Statutes, which established the Department of Labor's procedures for investigating and adjudicating allegations of whistleblower reprisal under certain Federal statutes.
US Dept. of Labor - OSHA, 29 CFR 1977
Discrimination against Employees under OSHA Act of 1970
What To Do If Your Employer Fights Back
Brief article from Nolo.com's legal encyclopedia on your rights if you are discriminated against by your employer because you have complained about workplace safety issues.
What to Do When A Member Gets Hurt On the Job
Guidance for Union stewards includes discussion on light duty, safeguarding members from potential workplace hazards, ensuring proper medical treatment/filing an accident report, warning against employer tricks to avoid workers compensation, negotiating a "light duty" policy, Employer Obligation to Provide a Safe & Healthy Workplace.
You've Found the Hazards – Now What Do You Do?
Your local’s health and safety committee has done a walk-through survey of your plant and they have found a number of new health and safety hazards. What’s next? What can you and your union local do to control, or better yet, eliminate these hazards? Here's an overview of handling safety issues at work – especially when there are a lot of them. This source also has a large collection of interesting safety and health articles.



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