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Contacting OSHA
Use this link for information about how to contact OSHA about a safety and health problem. For a safety or health emergency, they request you call them in on a toll-free number. For other types of concerns or needs, other offices are shown on this page. No provision is given to email in a safety or health complaint.
Duke University Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Medical/Health Related Web Site Search Engine. Find the medical/health site your looking for. New online search engine that has twenty (29) searchable categories, lists over 200+ newsgroups, searchable classifieds and the MedExplorer Bookstore. Visit MedExplorer and add your URL if you haven't already.
Operation Safe Site
Links and downloads.
OSHNET is the site you are currently visiting. We try to bring you a wide variety of carefully culled resources for the occupational safety and health professional. We hope you benefit from your stay here. Please bookmark our site and come again! Email the webmaster at: webmaster@osh.net
OSHA (US Dept. of Labor) Search Engine for all OSHA resources (both websites)
This resource has a ton of data on all aspects of OS&H. Try your search here!
Safety & Health on the Internet (Government Institutes Internet Series)
By Ralph B. Stuart, Christopher Moore. Paperback (July 1999)
Safety and Health on the Internet (2nd Edition)
By Ralph Stuart. Paperback (January 1998)
Search MSNBC for Occupational Safety and Health stories
Search for all OSHA resources (both websites)
This resource has a ton of data on all aspects of OS&H. Try your search here!
Vermont SIRI Web Site
This web site is a guide to using the InterNet for finding occupational and environmental safety information. It includes information about How to join the Safety Net, how to use InterNet tools to find safety information, a file library of safety-related files, and pointers to useful safety sites. The file library contains computer executable files to support health and safety programs. The program files are DOS shareware. The library contains over 400 gif files containing Environmental Health and Safety Clip Art. They are sorted according to the subject of the graphic and the name of the file reflects the contents of the graphic.
Work Place Safety Is Growing Concern
Monday, April 6, 1998. Article from New York Times relating to safety and health information available on the internet. Cites OSH.NET among other sites.
Yahoo: Health Workplace
Yahoo: Health
Yahoo: Public Health and Safety
Yahoo Science and Engineering Site
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